Putting it All Together

Putting it All Together

The key thing about Hashtags is to remember that hashtags are advertising. Their purpose is to expose you to new and potential followers and to help Instagram further categorize your posts. So how do we put together everything we have learned?

So you know WHO your audience is, you know what hashtags your potential audience is using. Now, you need a strategy to put it all together.

A few things to remember

1.Remember that using a combo of popular and more niched hashtags gets you in front of a broader audience.

2.Smaller hashtags tend to be more community based and have more actual engagement.

3.Always make sure your hashtags are relevant to your post.

4.Using more popular hashtags will get you results immediately. But when you use a hashtag that is popular, you risk getting lost in the millions of posts on that hashtag. You end up competing with brands and influencers who have large followings.

5.Using Niche specific and community hashtags will help you live longer in the search queries and lead to more likes and engagement.

6.Make sure you are changing up your hashtags at least every quarter ( every 3 months). This helps you stay relevant and helps you to keep growing.

7. Make sure none of your hashtags are banned. ( google for the latest list.) It’s not as obvious as you think. For example: #beautyblogger is a banned hashtag right now.

8. Engage. It’s not enough to know all of this info and then just throw the hashtags on your post and hope they will come. No. Instagram is a social app. Engagement is KING. The more you engage, the more your posts are likely to be seen. So engage. Specifically, engage on those smaller community hashtags that you have chosen. This is where your people hang out. This is a community of like minded individuals who are your core audience. Get to know them.

9. Always have a branded hashtag for your brand. This helps you to categorize your own posts and it promotes your brand.

10. Be consistent. Because as always. Nothing works unless you do