Hashtag Groups

The 5 Hashtag Groups You Need to Know


These are your most used hashtags. There is a LOT of competition in these hashtags because they have well over a million posts because everyone uses them. But just because everyone is using them, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t. These hashtags are good for exposure and for categorizing your posts.

Examples include: #photography #travel #blogger #food #sunrise #coffee


These are your speciality hashtags that help further categorize your post. These still tend to be big, but not as large as the popular hashtags.

Examples include: #travelblogger #TravelNoire #Vegan #familyphotography


These are specific instagram communities built around shared interests. These are your tribes. These are the hashtags that you want to be active in, where you like and comment on other’ people’s posts. The ones where you find your people and they find you.

Examples include: #mompreneur #communityovercompetition

#roadschooling #peoplebrewcoffee #bujo #everydayphotoaday


These hashtags are perfect for local businesses, or even when you travel. Location hashtags can let you be very specific and are crucial because Instagram will show you nearby locations on the explore page. What’s really important about these kinds of hashtags is that when people search location hashtags, they are very specific and they are LOOKING FOR YOU. This is why I always encourage you to use a location sticker, tag your instagram posts with where you are and add a location type hashtag.

Examples: #VisitSanfrancisco, #Atlantablogger #igersMiami #thealamo



These hashtags surround whatever is going on at that time. This includes holidays, fun events , movements, etc. These are great to use to get a few more likes on your posts. BUT always make sure that when you use trending hashtags that your tag is on a relevant post.

examples include: #SuperBowl #MeToo #NationalCoffeeDay

#blacklivesmatter #cincodemayo #Halloween