Lesson 2: Composition for Instagram

Composition is one of the best ways to take our photos to the next level for Instagram.

There are three main composition techniques that I think everyone should know, so I will talk about them here.

1.Rule Of Thirds

The rule of thirds is one of the most basic rules of composition and the easiest to use. The basic thought behind the rule of thirds is that you are mentally breaking your photo up into thirds so that your photo is divided into nine equal parts divided by two evenly spaced horizontal and two evenly spaced vertical lines.All important compositional elements( or your subject) should be placed somewhere along those lines or intersecting points.


Another rule of composition that will up your Instagram game is using negative space.

Sometimes, a better photo can be taken by keeping it simple and focusing on one subject When you use negative space, you end up with a composition that is extremely simplified or minimalist. Instagram users love it.

Leading Lines

Leading lines lead the viewers eyes straight to your subject in your photos. Think roads, walls, fences, shorelines, aisles, stairs.Its really easy to use and once you start looking for leading lines, you will always find them.


Framing is a popular compositional technique that photographers use to draw attention to their subject or the main part of their image.

I love to use framing because it draws your eye right to the most important of your picture. Framing can also create depth and add interest to your photos.