How The Course Works and What to Expect


I am so excited to see you here! 

Sometimes, making up your mind to invest in yourself can be hard. But I’m so happy that you did! 

In this class, I’m going to teach you everything that you need to know about Instagram. Not just HOW it works, but WHY it works that way. It is so much easier to makes changes when you know why it matters. I want you to become an expert for your OWN account. I want you to know your followers in and out. I want you to know what makes your account tick! 

You should have received an invitation link via email to join the private Facebook Group. In this community, you will find fellow classmates and previous class alumni. The goal is to work together. To find like minded people like you who want to grow their instagram.

After you click the link to join, there will be a few questions that you will need to answer before your membership is approved. 

You will get another email each week when new content is available. And another email every week after that. But if you have any questions in the meantime ( or if you don’t receive those emails) please reach out to me at 

[email protected]

Thank you so much for letting me help YOU grow! I can’t wait to get started! 

LaShawn XOXO